Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bird Drawing

Today we worked on drawing. We started with some warm up exercises, practicing the basic elements of shape. We then read 3 fun books: ish, and the dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni. I then read an excerpt about Leo from the book Artist to Artist. Using pictures from Tico as his inspiration, Levi drew his bird picture. We talked (I suppose I am the one who talked) about looking for those basic elements of shape and considering them as he drew.

The drawing was done with black fine point marker and then colored in with markers. We NEED to get more blue markers, but even if we had them I don't know if he would have finished coloring in the sky. It is HARD to draw with markers. Our instinct is to want a pencil so then we can fuss with erasing and getting everything perfect. The drawing book says to learn with pen so that you don't do all that fussing and you learn to think it through more before putting the pen to paper.

Our paper from yesterday is drying nicely. Right now it is under a dictionary and a Dutch oven with 4 pounds of weights inside so that it will dry flat. It has a tendency to really curve and not dry very nice at all if left alone.


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