Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Origami Fun

Late this afternoon it became obvious to me that I would not have time to do an involved art project with Levi as I needed to get dinner going. Something had been mentioned recently about origami so I decided to look for the box of papers Cole had when he was younger. After finding them and looking into it I realized why they really didn't get used. It was an origami animal kit with heavy printed papers and instructions that are not easy for a beginner. Not wanting to give up so easily I did a Google search for "origami for kids" and found many projects at this site, www.origami-instructions.com.

We didn't have any regular origami paper so I just cut up some squares from regular paper and let him start figuring it out. His first project was a samurai hat. He did this one completely on his own. Then he wanted to do a ninja star. I helped him decipher those instructions and made one while he made his. He made a few more.

We branched out and looked up more and more patterns. We completed most of what we started but found a few too difficult to understand.

Please enjoy photos of our creations.

Levi's samurai hat

Our ninja stars

Levi's box with ninja stars

Our tote bags

Levi's inflatable goldfish

Levi's inflatable goldfish side view

Levi's frog made from a scrap of paper he took to his room at bedtime.
No pattern was used for this creature. Not bad!

My box and lid

During Levi's bedtime prayers he was thankful for the idea of origami and all the fun he had this evening. (He played with it from 4:30-8:30 with the exception of time out for dinner and helping do the dinner dishes) Then he told him it was so fun, even more fun than playing video games and he really likes to play video games! I know what he means. After I put him to bed and typed up most of this blog I just HAD to do some more origami so I made this little box with divider. The box measures approx. 2 x 2 inches, I wonder what I will find to put in these tiny little compartments.

Hope I can keep finding great projects for him.


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