Sunday, February 27, 2011

More adventures with Flat Brendan

Well, it's time for Flat Brendan to move on now. We had fun while he was here. It snowed Thursday and school was canceled for the day. Levi played outdoors for 3 hours. Cole slept in and then did indoor things. By noon the snow was pretty much melted so Levi did some work in a few of his subjects. Friday life was back to normal with Cole and school and Levi doing his home school work.

We took Brendan out again on Friday afternoon. We went to the UofO to see On the Rocks perform. It was fun to see them in person after having watched them compete on the Sing Off in December. Unfortunately, due to the crowd, we were not able to get a photo of Flat Brendan with the group.

On Saturday Levi and I took him to the Oregon Logging Conference. It was sort of interesting. It was fun to see the big equipment and to watch some talented artists carve with chainsaws. Wow, Flat Brendan is pretty small compared to the size of a truck tire!

Here is a pictorial recap of our visit with Flat Brendan.

Best wishes on the rest of your travels.


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