Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The painting that got us fired up again

Papa Richard had hip replacement surgery last Thursday. The day before he went to the hospital I got out painting supplies and had Levi paint a picture. I gave him a choice between doing a bug, fish or flower. He chose to do a dragonfly type bug. He lightly drew the outline onto the paper and then painted it in with acrylic paints, filled the background with lots of short strokes for texture and then added the thick black outlines. I really like how he used highlights.

After the painting was dry I scanned it and then used Photoshop to add a black background and the text. Then I uploaded my file to the Walgreen's down the street and ordered 4x6 prints. I picked those up a couple hours later and layered the photo to some coordinating papers to make the finished card. Papa (and Grams) LOVED the card! I also loved the painting and ordered 11x14 prints at Costco so we could both hang it in our homes.

It was while Levi was painting this bug that my friend, the teacher, stopped by. Our conversation about children's art led me to the various blogs and web sites (mentioned in my first post) that sparked my excitement for what I could do at home with Levi.


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