Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our adventure journal begins

My 9 year old son, Levi, is one of those kids who loves to draw (and draw, and draw some more) as well as paint and make craft projects. I haven't always been good at fostering his creativity as we sometimes just get caught up in the busyness of life. (And I must admit that I don't always like the mess involved in crafting.)

I have decided to work hard to change that and to give him every opportunity I can to express himself through art and also to teach him more about the arts. This will require me to be constantly learning as well, but that is what we home schoolers are used to, isn't it?

I asked a good friend who teaches art at a local school where she gets her ideas and she gave me the names of some blogs that she loves. I looked them up and I swear my family didn't see me for the next day or so. (Well, it wasn't that bad but I spent hours and hours over the next few days just following links from one blog to another and bookmarking so many neat ideas that we might have to do art 4 hours a day to complete all the projects I have found.)

You are probably wondering what blogs and web sites she told me about so I will give her short list here. From just this short list you can be linked to dozens and dozens of cool pages.

We have stocked up on supplies, organized said supplies and even created him a studio in his bedroom where he can work on some of his projects. Others we will continue to do in the kitchen or, when it's warmer, at the table in the garage. (Our main supplies are not in his room but in a location more accessible to me, the teacher.)

I made him the cute "STUDIO" banner from instructions I found on this neat blog: mrspicasso's art room.

These are samples of the earliest work that I saved. He enjoyed drawing people and did it often on whatever paper I gave him. Fortunately for me he never drew on the walls or furniture.

This blog will serve as my journal of our adventures in art and as a gallery where I can display and share his art (and maybe a little of my own from time to time) with others. I'm not looking to get loads of followers or to be an expert on kids' art, I just want to share our passion and give him a record of these adventures.

As time allows, I will add in more of Levi's early art as well as what he is currently working on.

Well, gotta go dream up which project we will do next.


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